How to Get Rid of Black Stains on Your Roof

If you notice streaks of black on your roof, you should get it cleaned immediately. These streaks can bring down the value of your property. More importantly, they can mean that there is a serious problem with the roof. This can cost you money and lead to costly repairs. To avoid this issue, roof cleaning is an essential part of preventative maintenance. Here are some tips to follow when cleaning your roof. Follow these tips to get a shiny roof in no time.Before you hire a roof cleaning service, find out if the company has a good reputation. You can check out the Better Business Bureau and major review websites to see what past customers are saying about a particular company. Having a professional clean your roof will also reveal whether it needs to be repaired. There are several factors to consider when choosing a roof cleaning service. Listed below are the most common questions that homeowners ask before hiring a roof cleaning company. Get to know more about Super Clean Power Washing in this article.

Keeping your roof clean can help keep your homeowners insurance in force. When a roof leaks, insurance adjusters will examine your roof's condition. Moss and algae are the biggest culprits of rotting shingles, so keeping it clean will make it much easier for them to evaluate your insurance claim. Cleaning your roof can also prevent ice dams and other problems caused by leaking roofs. Cleaning your roof regularly will help keep your insurance policy in force.

Proper roof cleaning is essential to maintain your home's aesthetic appeal and minimize the risk of damage. The buildup of organic material on your roof promotes the growth of moss and lichen, which are not only unsightly but also void your roof warranty. In some cases, this may even void your homeowner's insurance. So it's vital to hire a professional to clean your roof. And once you've chosen the right company, get your roofing service started. Click on link for more info on this topic.

The cost of roof cleaning will depend on the size of your home. The more stories your home has, the more expensive it will be. Also, keep in mind that a professional cleaning company will offer discounts if you have several homes. You might also get a free estimate by asking your neighbors about their roof cleaning companies. Just remember that the cost of a roof cleaning will vary widely, so it's vital to shop around for the best deal. 

Professional roof cleaners can use chemicals to clean your roof. Some roof cleaners refer to themselves as "soft washers" and use sodium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite to clean roofs. Some professionals believe that soft washing doesn't require rinsing with water because the chemicals are sprayed on your roof and rinsed off by the natural moisture. Others use sodium percarbonate, an oxygen-based chemical solution that must be diluted with water before being applied to your roof.

For asphalt shingles, the best way to clean your roof is to use bleach or a chlorine solution. Both chemicals are effective in killing algae and moss and can be diluted for a one-to-one ratio. For tar and asphalt shingles, however, chlorine bleach is the best option for removing algae and moss. However, if you're worried about using bleach, you should consult a professional first. Check out this related post: to get more enlightened on the topic.



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